Obsession home ownership

What is wrong with people? Why does everyone believe home ownership is the righteous way to salvation? You ask what I am on about? Here is the article Google News flushed into my newsfeed today… Telegraph – Money Makeover http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/money-makeover/money-makeover-24-have-no-savings-long-can-buy-house/ So this young couple has zero savings to date, earn a combined salary of £40k and […]

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Useless price predictions

Coinjournal published an article: 5.8 million Bitcoin price target. (Actually it doesn’t matter what media outlet published the story – these kind of articles you’ll find daily on any website or news feed. In general, what is the point of these articles? Click bait? Get user attention? Draw new crowd in onto the buy side? To […]

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Anonymity of cryptocurrencies – smoke and mirrors?

New article on Cointelegraph bitcoin-exchange-changelly-ceo-in-touch-with-european-cybercrime-center contains an interesting statement of Changelly CEO Konstant Gladych: He said: “Monero is an anonymous cryptocurrency that hides its sender, amount and recipient by mixing transactions, so it’s a reasonable choice as a destination currency. However, there is a blind spot. The quantity of transactions in the Monero Blockchain is insufficient to […]

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Sometimes 1 + 1 = 3

While watching World Crypto Network with Thomas Hunt, Tone Vays and Jonny Song I was wondering how Bitcoin (BTC) can be split in two and create value supposedly out of thin air. Quick recap: The Bitcoin community was discussion how to go about scaling the network and after more than 1 year of disagreement a […]

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